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Tabitha mostly works to commission creating individual pieces that are designed in collaberation with her clients.  Some clients have a firm idea of what they would like, others come wanting more guidence.  Sometimes a design begins with a theme or concept.  For example, a necklace that reflects one's love of the ocean or wedding rings that symbolise two lives joining together.


The process begins with a conversation about what styles and materials the client might like.  The choice of metals is discussed and the reasons why one might be chosen over another.  Tabitha is happy to work with any material that is suitable (this does not include ivory).  Often this is a precious stone but has included sand, sea glass and wood.


Usually it is necessary for Tabitha to draw up some designs.  These will be actual size and will show the proportions and details.  If gemstones are required, Tabitha can source those and the client can often choose between a variety that are suitable.  When the design is finalised, Tabitha will give a quote.  Once the quote is accepted a deposit is paid and the design starts to take shape!


There is no obligation to go ahead with a commission until the design is finalised. Tabitha is happy to discuss potential commissions and ideas and answer any questions.

'I commissioned Tabitha to manufacture a ring, that my teenage daughter designed, for my wife as a celebration for our 25th wedding anniversary.  The design had a high level of complexity with sterling silver platted braiding around a gold ring with 4 gem stones to match the birth stones of our 4 children.  I provided Tabitha with the design specifications and the inscription to be included inside the ring.  Tabitha was able to source the metals and gem stones (with great colour) in a timely fashion and kept me informed of her progress.  Tabitha's skill was seen in her ability to produce a hand crafted ring to the design I provided and applied her own creativity to ensure the ring was beautifully finished.  She completed the work within the time frame needed and within my budget.  I highly recommend Tabitha for her skills as a crafts person and the ease of doing business with her.  Thank you Tabitha for all your help!'

Philip Hall, Hornsby, NSW


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